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1. Hair Color

Hair color is very complicated to describe, so we hope you can offer us a few pictures for reference. Here's our color ring, you also can customize the color according to our color ring.

raywigs color ring

2. Cap Constructions

We currently can make three type of cap constructions, the full lace cap wig is the most expensive one, because it needs a lot of hand work.

(1) Full Lace Cap

full lace cap construction

(2)Lace Front Cap

lace front cap construction

(3) Mono Top Wefted Cap - This kind of cap only can be customized by wholesalers, 30+ items for each style available.

mono top wefted cap construction, capless wig

3. Cap Size

(1) How to Get Your Cap Size?

Follow the directions below, to find your size. Then compare your size to the size chart below to find the fittest one. If your size is quite different from the size below, you can customize your cap.

how to measure your cap size, how to find your wig cap size

(2) Cap Size Chart

CircumferenceFront to NapeEar to Ear across foreheadEar to Ear over topTemple to Temple round backNape of Neck

4. Hair Density

Hair density simply describes the hair amount of the wig, more density more hair.

5. Hair Length

For most people the hair length will show like:

8" - Very Short

10" - Around the Face

12" - Around the Neck

14" - Shoulder Length

16" - Around the Collarbone

18" - Above the Bust

20" - Around the Bust

22" - Under Bust

24" - Above Waist

26" - Waist Length

28" - Under Waist

30" - Hip Length

But if you have a bigger head or you're taller than others, the length will look a bit shorter.

We can make wig longer than 30", but a small amount of custom fee, which will be $10/2 inches, will be charged, please contact our customer care before placing your order.

6. Hair Texture

We normally have straight, wavy and curly hair textures, if you need a special curl pattern, please offering us some pictures for reference.

hair texture.jpg